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Education Section

We are doing extensive work on the state of education in our country.We are starting innovative educational programs that are beneficial for the development of our country.

Information Technology

As INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY is now a most important part of our life.We are trying to make Pakistan, A well known country in this field by providing IT services & support.

Islamic Section

Through the ISLAMIC SECTION, we are spreading the light of Islam. Because it is very important to learn our religion along with General education & Technology.

Our Services

Discover and download the most popular software in our top download categories .We provide free downloads for Windows, Mac etc.

About Us

Net Scope TECHNOLOGIES AND EDUCATION (NSTEL) is a welfare organization. We are working for the progress of our nation and beloved country Pakistan. We want to improve the standard of education in Pakistan. We want to increase the literacy rate of Pakistan; Education is a basic need of everyone to survive in this world,as Islam also made it compulsory for all of us.Join the hands with us to make Pakistan stronger and prosperous. We want to make the country to stand in the list of the highly developed countries and it is the dream of every Pakistani. All of us are trying their best to make Pakistan Prosperous, Strong and successful in the World.

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Our Services

NSTEL Is Providing The Following Services On Very Cheep Rates In PAKISTAN.

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Mobile First

Our partners

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Our Team

Muhammad Naihan Uddin Ahmed.

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Mubashir Uddin Ahmed.

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